Daniel J. Lanza
February 15, 1956 - November 2, 2002

Dan Lanza
The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.
- Aart Van Der Leeuw


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Shortly after Danny's death, Danny's brother Jay said something to me that I think even he was unaware of the impact. He said, "No one ever made Danny laugh as hard as you did." Well, true or not, no one ever made me laugh as hard as Danny did. The strongest memories I have of Danny is the amount of fun I had when we were together. People gravitated towards Danny. His personality, his humor, was unlike anyone I have ever known.

I first met Danny during the 70's. Over the years we did a lot of things together - some good, some not so good. While I was creating this site I tried to think of one story during all these years that could define Danny. There are enough stories to fill a book – literally. Certainly there must be one, one that captures it all...

New Hampshire - Vernon Valley - Bear Mountain - Belmar - Bridgehampton - Ft Lauderdale - Cartan - Limelight - NAPD - The Mason Jar - NY  Blizzard of '83 - 14th Street - High Mountain - The Tui Slip - DLR - Umberto's Clam House - Lisa & Lenny - People's Express - Bill’s Gyros - The Weight - Twin 605s - Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche and Continental Airlines - Boston - Room Check at The Regency House - Suzy-Q - Mimi's - Bill, Ray, Dom, and The Boys - The Stinkin’ Lincoln - DJ's - Greg, Bobby, and Buddy - Ralf - Pocono 200 - Harry, babe - Charlie - Rehoboth - Clifton - Bacardi, Coke, and the Staten Island Ferry - Mike’s Bar - "My Spleech..."  - Barry Epstein - The Crackmate - Ronnie Laws - Lake Hopatcong - The Cycle Lizards - Brynmair - Maria - The Dead End - Villa Casa Roma - The DMZ at Laconia and The Loudon Classic - ’59 Piper Heidsieck - Lake Winnipesauke - Lonesome Dove - La Lanterna di Vittorio Caffe - Victor - Sam The Band - Mr. V - N125SR - Mud Valley - Mother’s - Charlie Daniels - Mrs. O - Morris’ Bagels - Suitcase Blues - The Getaway - Steve’s Sizzling Steaks - Oh, and let's not forget the big fat dent you put in my tank when a couple of squids trailered their scooters to Laconia 

What are you stopping here for?  We’re out of gas.
This isn’t a gas station. We’re out of money too…  

One that just captures it all…? Not even likely.

Danny wore many hats is his life. He was many things to many people, but to me…
he was just my friend. 

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